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Have you lost your only set of car or van keys? We can provide you with a new replacement key on the same day sometimes in under an hour. With a wide range of vehicle remote and standard keys in stock we can get you back up and running immediately. Kyezauto Locksmiths provide a 24/7 mobile roadside service. Call us on 07903524350 with your vehicle details and we will come to you as soon as possible.

Stolen keys replacement 

If in the unfortunate event your keys were stolen, we can provide you with a replacement immediately. Not only that, we can delete lost and stolen keys from your vehicle immobiliser system so they are no longer usable. You sometimes need to report stolen keys to the relevant authorities, this will be your insurance company as you might have vehicle key cover included in your insurance premium. We carry out work for insurance companies providing replacement keys and deleting all missing or stolen keys from vehicle Computer Modules. Call us now.

Changed my remote key case now my car will not start

Here is another scenario where kyezauto locksmiths can assist you. We've had many customers who bought a key shell off eBay to replace their worn key and damaged or forgot to change the transponder. A transponder is an integral part of a car's immobiliser system. Without this, the car will not start. We can come to you and supply and re-code a new transponder to your vehicle if this happens to you.

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I had a call from a retired lady who had a problem with her vehicle key. I could not really understand what she wanted or what the problem was so I drove 45 mins to see her and to see if I can assist.
When I arrived she explained that she bought this 1999 Landrover Discovery for her disabled husband, it only came with one key and now the key if falling apart. She asked if I can make her a new key without the remote because she cannot afford the price of the remote at this point in time.
Unfortunately, on these cars, the remote is apart of the immobiliser system so you cannot program a new key without the remote. After chatting for a while and assessing the situation, unbeknown to her I made a decision to supply and program a brand new fully working key with remote at no extra cost.
As she retired to her kitchen to make some tea I got to work. I cut and programmed a brand new key for her. After having the tea and a little bit of a chat I called showed her what I did and handed her a fully working new key and told her not to worry the remote is free of charge. The look on her face was really worth the gesture. She could not believe it. At first, she was confused, then I told her not to worry because without the remote the car will not start and if there was an emergency she would not be able to drive her vehicle. She became very happy and overjoyed.
After I laughed with her a little longer I said my goodbye and left. My only request to her was, if she is able to help someone like I helped her today then please do and keep the cycle of looking out for others going. I'll never forget moment like these. It's a great feeling making someone happy.

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