Key Locked In Car Vehicle Entry

Key locked in car vehicle entry

One of the most common errors we come across is the key in car scenario. With new central locking technology, you don't need to unlock the entire car to put something in the boot. Most remote key fobs these days have a separate boot button to unlock only the boot. You can by accident drop the keys in the boot and close it with the keys inside. We offer a safe and effective way to get into your vehicle without damaging the doors windows or locks.

Using the latest vehicle technology we can open your car in a matter of minutes. So in the event, you lock your keys in your car call us and we will be there in a jiffy.

Central locking stop opening  the doors

All remote keys are battery operated. If the battery dies then you unable to use the remote to operate the central locking. Firstly find instructions on how to change your battery and replace the low battery with a new quality correct battery type. Test the remote function and job done. If this does not work then call us and we can assist you.

Key will not turn in door lock or ignition

This is a common fault in some cars. The key will not turn in the ignition or the door lock. If this is the case we also carry out vehicle door locks and ignition repair or replacement. Call us and we will book you an appointment.