Key Cutting Service

Kyezauto Key copying service 

We offer our customers the chance to get a copy of their car keys with prices from as low as £20. You bring us your key or key code, data is then entered into our state of the are key cutter and job done in a matter of minutes.

What is a key code?

A key code is made up of number or letters and sometimes both that is uniquely assigned to your vehicle. This is also called a blind code. In order to cut a key from your key code, the data is entered into the specialist software which then produces biting points. The biting points are then entered into a key cutting machine when will cut a key to the exact same shape as your original key to open the doors and turn in the ignition.

Types of keys

There are different types of car key blades. There are Laser keys, Tibbe keys and also sidecut keys. The sidecut keys are exactly as it states. These are keys where the cuts from the key code are made on the side of the key blade. These are also sometimes referred to as arrow keys as the tip of the key is pointed like and arrow. You also have Tibbe keys mostly found on Ford and Jaguar vehicles. Then we have laser keys. Laser keys are normally key blades of a rectangular shape with a groove down the centre or the edges that look like it was cut by a laser. We are able to cut all types of keys for your vehicle.

All makes and model key cutting service available