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Auto Locksmith Peterborough

Kyezauto Locksmith provides a lost car key replacement service to the residents of Peterborough and surrounding areas. If you have lost your car keys or need a spare we can provide you with a new key replacement the same day. Covering all vehicle makes and models and is always on hand to help call us the expert auto locksmith Peterborough on 07903524350

We have a wide range remote and standard key in stock for all the different vehicle makes and models. Call us now or fill in the form below for a quote.

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Car Key Replacement Peterborough

Here is an example of a customer we recently assist. The customer called us explaining he lost his smart keys for his Range Rover Sport. The doors were locked and he needed a new key. We explained to the customer in detail how we can come to the location of his vehicle and program a new key to start the vehicle and operate the central locking

We attended the job withing 1 hour of initial phone call and proceeded to make a new key. Within 35 minutes of arrival we were able to code a brand new key to the customer's vehicle.

We tested that everything was working with the customer and gave her a receipt and a minimum 6 months warranty. 

Range Rover Sport Lost Key Replacement Peterborough

Auto Locksmith Peterborough

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Kyezauto Locksmith

We just completed a 2012 VW transporter key replacement. Customer lost his key and we were able to provide a replacement via his insurance company. Call 07903524350 for all you vehicle key replacements. ...

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Car key replacement Peterborough